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Made of Pain
Made of pain.
I'm not what you see.
Made of pain.
What can I be?
Alone in the dark,
That's when the thoughts creep
Alone in the dark,
That's when they kill me.
I want it to stop
But it never will
It doesn't kill you
What it does
It makes you feel
All the pain you hear
Makes you feel
All the thoughts you forgot
Can I get a rest?
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Steely emotions locked
In an Iron hold,
Crystalline beauty
Running within
A long, slow burn
Is what is asked
Fueled by pain
Is no easy task
One body
One mind
One Soul
Caught in a spiral
Of pain
Of hurt
Of tears
And of Hell
Raw emotions wash
Over this strong soul
Forced breakdown
That is their goal.
The soul will fight
To keep its edge
It is a plight
His bets he’ll hedge.
Tickets, please…
Come, see the show.
See the man
Without a tear!
But with a Heart
So full of Fear
Fear of Death,
And Fear of Love
Fear of pain
From up above.
Life is like
Candy wine
Bitter and sweet
But also cheap
A slow, stiff burn
Is what is asked
It is his turn
But it’s no easy task
He’ll make it through
You’ll see
This I know.
His soul is strong.
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I made a bubble out of time
So love would never spoil.
Cause life can stop upon a dime
And turn your dreams to oil.
I took a bit of time one day
And put it in a bubble.
Thought that if it was to stay
It would surely give me trouble.
With time locked safely away,
My life will be pain free.
But should that time escape, one day…
My life will end… You’ll see.
For that which we want most,
There is a cost that must be paid.
To our emotions, we must play host
So we won’t become a Shade.
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Beneath the Light of a Neon Moon
A/N: This is a tie-in to my other story titled “Rhythm and Blues.” It’s Sora’s side of what happened between him and Riku. And so, I give to you this piece, entitled “Beneath the Light of a Neon Moon.” I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Sora sat at the two-seater table in the far back of ‘XIII’, the little run-down bar that Riku used to take him to. Back when they were together.
“Why did he do it?” Sora asked himself after finishing his Sweet Slut* and setting the glass on the table. He and Riku had seemed so happy together. Then, out of nowhere, Riku dumps him without a reason. Just up and dumps him. Sighing, Sora slumped in his seat and listened to the music that was filtering through the bar, hoping it would cheer him up.
“When the sun goes down on my side of town, that lonesome feeling comes to my door and the whole world turns… Blue.”
Sora’s breakup anthem started playing over the speaker
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Nick Adoption Kit by WylderWolf Nick Adoption Kit :iconwylderwolf:WylderWolf 28 4 Nellis the meme by KristenCatsA Nellis the meme :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 7 58
HawkSeven Redux Chapter One
The smoke slowly burning down his throat and swirling in his lungs was the only thing keeping him from putting a hole through the drywall. Everything was clean-cut, stark. White walls, white carpet, tangles white sheets tucked around a black bedframe. Gray swirls of smoke clouding white skin, sleek black hair.
Reptilian eyes flashed open, slitted pupil dilating for an instant before becoming round, velvety black against the sharp, clear green irises. Pale lips wrapped again around the cigarette, taking a deep pull and letting his eyelids flutter closed again, blowing the smoke out through his nostrils. His legs were crossed loosely in front of him, one arms resting on a bare thigh. Deep shadows danced over the muscle on his naked chest, delicately outlining the sunken flesh over each rib. The man tilted his chin up, watching black stars race over the white expanse of his ceiling. He was still, listening with rapt attention to the symphony in his ringing ears, the deafening hush
:iconwylderwolf:WylderWolf 3 10
who i am
I loved you
you hate me
was it bullshit
every word you said to me?
what am i to you?
a good time?
a forgotten tune?

they ring in my head like a broken rhyme
maybe im the one to blame
for falling like a naive child
a lonely heart seared by loves flame
experience kills whats pure and mild
im tired of this endless circle
im sick of this twisted game
my love for you, the only obstacle
a sad pleasure hidden in your name
maybe its because im weak
im not strong enough to let you go
perhaps im naive
maybe someday you'll want me... or no
so i sit and i wait
i smile when i see your name
maybe there's love hidden in hate
i just patiently play your game
:iconl--lawleit:L--Lawleit 4 14
Mature content
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Yes, ladies and gets, I bow to the pressure.

Commissions for my poetry are now open. I don't have PayPal, and I don't trust the internet with my physical address, so... Points it is. Here's the price list.

Short: 5 pts.
Long: 10 pts.
Epic: 20 pts.
Deep meaning: 30 pts.

Note me with your requests, ladies and gents!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
:iconpinkiepieportal1plz:Greetings, and welcome to my page. I'd love to tell you all about me, but, unfortunately I can't. You see, I've learned recently that the Internet isn't exactly a safe place. So, in that frame of mind, I've decided to just list the basics of me. Look in my interest list.

Other websites I'm on:

Fan fiction dot net :…
Facebook :…

This concludes the other websites I'm on.

Yup... It's just me. Loser, lover, Fail-er, killer. Me.

I was born on the day of Roxas+Saix+Demyx,
In the month of Axel,
In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx, Xigbar
I'm Larxene+Axel+Xemnas years old.
My favorite number is Vexen, Xaldin, Xigbar, Xem (432 1/2).
But my lucky number is Larxene.

I'm also a Brony. :iconraritygangstaplz:

If you don't like my broniness, then buck off. Thanks, and have a nice day.

:iconbronies: :iconpinkiepieportal2plz:

I am also a huge fan of Futurama. My favorites include :iconzoidbergplz:, :iconbenderplz:, and finally, :iconfarnsworthplz:


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